But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. -1 John 1:7

Most of the time you won't have any idea what i'm thinking. I don't make sense. But that makes sense to me. I'd rather not color in the lines. I like having conversations about random things. I like trying to figure things out. I love to people watch. I make my best attempt at absorbing all the information that surrounds me. I appreciate good friends. I love to cook... with or without cause, I will cook even if i'm not hungry and give it to someone else. I feel that we're all surrounded by love but people are so dark they manifest all their energy on the bad. I haven't given up on myself though I know i've made an array of colorful mistakes. I like learning different languages. I think genocide is terrible and should be stopped. I think politics are bull shit and simply a propoganda to give humans something to believe in, same as organized religion. I like dogs, don't care so much for cats. One of my only wishes is that people would have the strength to look in the mirror and accept what they see then take that strength to self-improve. I am completely motivated. I have dreams and aspirations. I love music. I love culture. I love taking a step back and realizing that i'm such a small piece in this huge puzzle that we call life, yet I can still make such a tremendous difference. 

I'm abstract and confusing and almost always amusing. I'm quietly loud and self-consciously proud. I'm hugely small. Submissively opposed. I wish I could fly. I hate those who lie. My family means most to me. I'm all I could possibly be. I learn more when i'm not at home but nothing can keep me away from my comfort zone. I complicate things to no end. I live for the moments that make your toes curl. I travel and explore and somehow always find room for more. Optimism is what makes my days brighter and my heart will always feel a little lighter cause of that. I have the most exquisite friends who's time will probably never end, they're always on top of it and even in the lot of it they shine in that dark place we like to call home. Generally speaking i find life to be beautifully chaotic and I mostly enjoy escaping or facing it with music... whatever my feeling may be in the moment. I'm working on my relationship with the Lord. It's really important to me. FAITH. That's all we're about. FAITH makes us. I know my God is so big and so loving and that's what I wanna focus my energy on. I want Him to shine through me so I can be a light in this dark world. 

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